Initially, you may ask yourself how putting a third party between the waste producer and the waste processor can prove commercially viable. Axiom hold accounts with some of the largest waste processing facilities and disposal sites in the country. We transfer thousands of tonnes of waste every year into these facilities and are, accordingly, offered preferable rates. Axiom constantly monitors the market and will move generated waste into more viable processes where possible; on mutual approval.

As Axiom is often in the position to handle the logistics of all waste emanating from a site or customer, it is able to apply the ‘proximity principle’. Taking waste into the nearest viable processing facility. This negates unnecessary travel to and from site which results in a considerable cost saving which is passed on to the customer.

Couple this with the data gathering and reporting capacity of a specialist team, and it becomes apparent that,-far from costing you money,-this service can cut costs and save a lot of time.

Axiom is equally at home working with incumbent waste service providers on single waste streams to facilitate the smooth running of the overall contract.