Services to the Industry

Odour Control and Dust Suppression.

Axiom EnvironmentalAxiom Environmental are experts in the field of odour and dust suppression, whether it’s on a landfill site, composting pad, or inside a transfer station Axiom can supply the solution. Some sites experience odour or dust problems right through the year and, in such cases, a static high-pressure delivery system is often the most cost effective. Where problems are confined to on-season peaks, or localised areas, Axiom have a fleet of mobile rotary atomiser systems which are available for hire (terms and conditions apply). These systems can also be used in the effective control of flies, which can prove to be a problem on many waste sites and other places of organic decomposition.

Non-toxic neutralising solutions, containing natural surfactants, for use with the above, can be supplied at very competitive rates in any quantity. Data sheets for some of these products can be found on the download page of our website. Downloads


Axiom Environmental are at the forefront of EM Technology. This is a process of natural bacterial adjustment using effective micro-organisms. An explanation of this process and it’s varied applications, can be found on the download page of this website. Downloads