Food and organic waste

Axiom EnvironmentalThis waste can be managed and disposed of in many ways, dependent on its demarcation and waste code. Most pure food waste can be sent for anaerobic digestion where its high calorific value can be utilised as waste to energy. Co-mingled (green and food waste), will most often be suited to in-vessel composting where the composted end product will be returned to farmland as a nutrient rich, natural fertiliser. Axiom have assured allocation into disposal processes across the UK as well as dedicated hauliers for its transportation between sites.


Most plastics can be recycled in one way or another. Axiom has various processes at their disposal to make sure that the valuable fraction of mixed plastics can be diverted away from landfill and into suitable recycling plants. The processed recyclate, can be returned to the manufacturing industry. This action alone often shows the customer a huge saving as well as complying with the governmental landfill avoidance targets.

Card and Paper

Cardboard and paper can often be excluded from the general waste stream, graded, baled and sent for recycling. Axiom Environmental have extensive knowledge of this industry and constantly track the market to realise the best rebates for its customers. Where possible, paper is baled separately to optimise yield. Suitable balers can be supplied on a rental basis should the need arise, the cost of which can be offset against the value of the card or paper. Loose collections are also available although their value is considerably less.

Wood Waste

Axiom EnvironmentalWood waste is recycled according to grade and cleanliness. The waste is removed from site, shredded, screened and sent either to the board industry for chipboard manufacture or to a waste to energy plant. General wood waste would not normally realise a value except in cases where the grade is specific to a re-use criteria such as animal bedding. However, all incumbent processes work out considerably less than current landfill rates.

Scrap Metal

Everyone knows that scrap metal has a value. However, segregation of different types,-where commercially viable,- can effect a value remarkably. Axiom Environmental have a network of high profile merchants at their disposal. These merchants quote for each job on an individual basis so as to achieve the highest rate for the customer. Where scrap is generated on an on-going basis we would normally place a suitably sized container on site and exchange it when necessary.

Effluent/Liquid Waste

Many sites produce ‘wet waste’, and this can often be quite costly to dispose of. Axiom Environmental have established a nationwide network of sub-contracted tankers and disposal sites with over-winter storage facilities. Often, effluent which has traditionally been taken for treatment can be, -subject to analysis-, injected into farmland as a useful source of nutrient. Where this is the case; the cost savings are significant.


Axiom EnvironmentalThe Waste Electrical and electronic Equipment directive was introduced as law in January 2007. Not all businesses come under the scheme; many that do, are not aware of the fact and are, in effect, breaking said law. Axiom Environmental can arrange WEEE collections from site by a registered waste processor and deal with the ensuing paperwork. Should you wish to find out if your company or business comes under the WEEE Directive; clear guidance can be found on the Environment Agency’s website, or alternatively, give us a call and we will be happy to advise you.

General Waste

Though all efforts are made to divert waste from landfill, there is often a small fraction of residual waste for which there are no suitable alternatives. Axiom not only achieves some of the keenest prices into landfill nationwide but, due to the economy of scale, can also save considerable amounts on haulage and transportation. We are constantly looking at new techniques and technologies to prevent waste being disposed of in this way; landfill is unsustainable, expensive and remains a last option!

Other Wastes

Identified waste types are legion, but, needless to say Axiom Environmental are able to accommodate any of them, however diverse. If your waste type isn’t mentioned in the list below; give us a call and we will be pleased to answer any query you may have:-

..........textiles, batteries, plasterboard, hazardous, clinical, confidential, contaminated soil, aggregates..........